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Danielle Foley
Atlantic culinary gold medal
Pastry Arts Diploma
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Danielle Foley, a pastry graduate of “The Culinary Institute of Canada”, Prince Edward Island in 2001 and several years experience as a baker & Pastry Chef before and after school.  Before going to pastry school she worked in a small local bakery (Oursons de Miel) in Montreal where she knew she loved baking enough to apply to Pastry school. While in school she was given the honor to create former Governor General Adrianne Clarkson’s 2001 birthday cake on her official visit to PEI. After successfully graduating from pastry school Danielle was selected to work as head Pastry chef for Dalvay by the Sea Hotel, a recent stop for Prince William and Kate on the PEI tour in 2011 where they had lunch and a boat race.  Other experiences include catering for a small high end companies, and was chosen to be the lead baker position of the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company in New Glasgow, PEI.

Danielle then made a decision at the age 0f 26 to open her own bakery in 2004 supplying wholesale and retail storefront desserts and baked goods to restaurants, Schools (children’s snacks), Government (corporate) events and community fundraising events.

Danielle has returned to Montreal and has now chosen to specialize in the creation of custom cakes for special events, something which she really enjoys.