Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are customized to each special occasion.

Ask yourself these Q’s:

  1. Occasion that is being celebrated
  2. Masculine/Feminine or combination cake?
  3. What does this person really like and enjoy?
  4. What does this foundation or company represent? What are the values? Trademarks?
  5. How many people?
  6. Would you like a larger single layer cake or go up in tiers (height)
  7. What type of statement are you trying to make with this special custom cake?
  8. Is this a surprise cake?
  9. Will my theme/color ideas work when the cake is on location?
  10. Think about asking to share the cost of the cake with a group of people.

Last but not least, order your cake, eat and enjoy!

The cake will be designed with all your ideas in mind and reviewed by you.

Send as many image as you can find. Simply type in your cake idea into google images and copy what you like.

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